The Heartbreak Kid

Found these Shawn Michaels sunglasses & I have to say they were worth the 15 minutes I spent inside a Rainbow store.

Also I finally retired my old motorcycle jacket and replaced it with this one from Rebecca Minkoff. It’s soft & buttery & amazingly cozy.



Shocking Schiaparelli Pink!

Break up the monotony of winter black with a pop of color.

Also, it’s totally okay to make a necklace out of Perler Beads, right?

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Pot Belly in a Crop Top


Fabienne: I was looking at myself in the mirror.
Butch: Uh-huh?
Fabienne: I wish I had a pot.
Butch: You were lookin’ in the mirror and you wish you had some pot?
Fabienne: A pot. A pot belly. Pot bellies are sexy.
Butch: Well you should be happy, ’cause you do.
Fabienne: Shut up, Fatso! I don’t have a pot! I have a bit of a tummy, like Madonna when she did “Lucky Star,” it’s not the same thing.
Butch: I didn’t realize there was a difference between a tummy and a pot belly.
Fabienne: The difference is huge.
Butch: You want me to have a pot?
Fabienne: No. Pot bellies make a man look either oafish, or like a gorilla. But on a woman, a pot belly is very sexy. The rest of you is normal. Normal face, normal legs, normal hips, normal ass, but with a big, perfectly round pot belly. If I had one, I’d wear a tee-shirt two sizes too small to accentuate it.
Butch: You think guys would find that attractive?
Fabienne: I don’t give a damn what men find attractive. It’s unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same.

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Food, Opinion

In Defense of Foie Gras.

Since news broke out about Foie Gras being back on the menu in California, my whole newsfeed has been bombarded with opinions about it from both ends.

‘Yay! Foie Gras! I’m a ‘foodie’, feed me!’

‘No! Foie Gras! Gross and barbaric, don’t support it!’

Let me preface this by saying the following:

If you’re a vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan, this post isn’t for you.

If you own a farm, grow your own vegetables, keep your animals happy, give them their last rites before the butchering, this post isn’t for you.

If you primarily shop and consume organically and humanely raised meat, this post isn’t directed at you.

If you’re like the majority of America who eats fast food, orders take-out, goes out to dinner, shops at major grocery stores and consumes conventionally-raised meat, and chose to share THIS POST (“If you eat foie gras, you’re an asshole”), continue reading because this is for you.

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DIY, Ensemble, Home Decor

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Hi all! Two more days until Christmas! I wanted to share some photos of holiday ornaments that I worked on a couple of weeks ago. Inspired by this awesome tumblr, I made a couple of ornaments based on mine and Brian’s favorite fictional characters. Boba Fett is awesome. Boba Fett with gold glitter is EVEN MORE AWESOME.

Click through for some Adventure Time & Star Wars awesomeness!

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