Jerkface’s Where’s Waldo

A small post about a when we ran into Jerkface’s Where’s Waldo wall on Mott a couple of weeks ago. Which was a fortunate surprise because it didn’t take long for him to paint over it with a collage of monotone Storm Troopers – a testament to street art’s ever changing landscape.

The latter part of the day was spent noshing on Taiwanese steamed buns at Baohaus. Perfect Saturday!


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Cabin Fever

It’s been over a week since my surgery. Day 9 of being home alone and I realize that I’m slowly running out of Grey’s Anatomy episodes, canvases to paint, and things to draw. I’ve switched from Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, & Twitter and refreshed the Home feed so many times that I literally know what everyone’s been doing, eating, drinking, and wearing. Friday night was St. Paddy’s Day and while everyone’s out drinking, I stayed home with Lizzie, crying over Mark Sloane. Saturday at 4pm, I was supposed to go see Beauty and the Beast with Brian but instead stayed home and watched new episodes of The Iron Fist. Cabin Fever officially set in.

So here’s a photo diary of my pretty apartment thanks to everyone’s care packages, snacks, and bouquets of well wishes. Also, lots of photos of Lizzie.


Day 1: Brian bought me flowers and a pint of Banana Pudding. My fave!


Day 6: Painting in the living room while this little bear was sniffing around my canvases.


Obsessed with her.

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The Appy

Last Wednesday after work, Brian met with me and we casually and calmly walked to the closest Emergency Room. I was having sharp pains in my stomach, nausea, & chills. The staff at the ER were so helpful and kind (I get so queasy with needles so def not the calmest person if you’re trying to put an IV in me). I had to sip a jug of this awful-tasting cocktail for the CT scan (“It’s probably just bad gas, right?” I cackled into the sippy cup filled to the brim with the vile drink, ice chips sloshing.) I was poked and prodded (“Maybe but we want to be sure.” said the doctor as pressed down on my lower abdomen.)


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The Bagel Nook

I’m not really a bagel person. I like it but it’s just not my go-to breakfast item. To be honest, there are a handful of items on a breakfast menu that I would order first before settling into a bagel (avocado toast, eggs benedict, sausage-egg-and-cheese on a kaiser roll, french toast with a side of extra crispy bacon, THE LIST IS ENDLESS!)

So when I found myself hungry somewhere deep in New Jersey with Brian, I found us The Bagel Nook. I remember putting it in my list of food places to try because of their Flaming Hot Cheeto bagels. (yes, you read that correctly)

Obviously, I had to try it. With Cool Ranch cream cheese. Brian got the Cinnamon Toast Crunch bagel with Crumb Cake cream cheese. Click through for more photos!




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My grandmother passed away on March 5th.

My sister said it beautifully – “For most kids, going to grandma’s house meant visiting for the day or maybe staying for the weekend. but for me and y sister, going to grandma’s house as kids meant going home..” We were both raised by our grandparents but they saw to it that we wanted for nothing. Somewhere, she’s finally with my grandpa, bickering. See you guys soon. <3

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Until we see each other again, Mommy Dabs.