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U-be Trippin’ at New Territories

Have you ever heard of Ube? It’s a purple yam and it’s in abundance in the Philippines.

If you grew up in the Philippines, you’ll know that this purple starch is a really common flavor in Filipino cuisine. Ube is as ubiquitous in the Philippines the same way sweet potato is here in the US. And it comes in lots of forms: ice cream, cake, pastry toppings – but my ultimate fave is Ube Halaya. It’s this sweet, sticky, purple jam that you can slather on crackers, top your halo-halo with, or the best way, which is to eat it by the spoonfuls. IT’S SAH GAHD.

It’s one of those things that were so common growing up and then you move somewhere it’s a rarity and so you don’t realize how awesome it really is. Which is why I had to go to New Territories in Chinatown – an ice cream spot where they serve your frozen treats with a bubble waffle filled with Ube. Not going to lie, I wish the waffle was filled with more but beggars can’t be choosers! More photos after the jump!


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Glossier’s Boy Brow

I’m really not the kind of person who gives unsolicited product recommendations. However, sometimes something just comes along and it blows your mind and you can’t help but talk about it to anyone who would listen. I’m talking about Boy Brow, of course – Glossier’s amazing eyebrow pomade. ‘Not an eyebrow gel or mascara – it’s the first-ever brow pomade. One that thickens, fills in, and shapes hairs all at once.‘ – a concise description from the brand’s website. In a world of stenciled, Instagram-brows, this is a refreshing, bare-faced take on fuller brows. Read more about the it after the jump!


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Pietro Nolita

There’s something about an all-pink space that’s so attractive. Like a total weirdo, I have a list of places to visit (such as brunch spots, art shows, street art corners) and Pietro Lolita has been on that list for a while. This restaurant is a rosy-hued Blogger Bait. Also, girls wearing pastel pink have been known to stop by for a photo op because obviously.




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Toiletpaper Paradise

5:45 pm. It’s Valentine’s Day. Did Brian make reservations at a romantic, dimly-lit restaurant with a three-course, pre-fix Lover’s Day Special? Nope! We headed down to Hudson Street to view the Toiletpaper Paradise exhibit at the Cadillac House.

It’s the best date ever. The installation is an interactive, visual clusterfuck. It feels like I’m in Ikea on acid and it’s amazing. Click through for more pics!




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Rue La Rue Cafe

Funny story: when Rue la Rue was reported to be in the works last year, I got a lot of Facebook tags. When the cafe was finally opened this month, I got Facebook tags, Instagram tags, and text messages with the link. So yes, I guess you could say I’m a fan of the show LOLOL

I always tell people that a great show stands the test of time. The reason why I love The Golden Girls is because not only are the characters hysterical but they also talk about a myriad of other things: grieving, divorce, racism, depression, AIDS, homosexuality, artificial insemination, feminism (and women in the workplace), Alzheimer’s, ageism (and aging in society in general), and sexual harassment to name a few. All of this with Sophia’s ‘Picture this’ stories, Rose’s ‘Back in St. Olaf’ tales, Blanche’s sexual anecdotes, Dorothy’s unrelenting sarcasm, and slices of cheesecake.

This cafe is a beautiful to tribute to Rue McClanahan and The Golden Girls. And if you’re a fan of the show, you should pay the place a visit sometime.

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