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That one time I Coveteur’d myself.

If you’ve ever seen Along Came Polly, you’ll know that me Coveteur-ing myself is akin to Phillip Seymour-Hoffman’s character hiring a camera crew to do an E! True Hollywood Story on himself. You know what they say, if want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. I’m sure that saying counts for Coveteur features.

I love furnishing for the holidays. The smell of the tree, the twinkle lights, all the shiny things! Of course, when it comes to decorating, I’m more or a purist: I limit myself to white lights, gold and silver ornaments, & absolutely no colors because it clashes with my decor. So anyway, I figured I’d share photos of the new apartment in all its festive glory.

All furniture are furnished by Handpainted By Cookie.

Also, below is an amazing photo that took about 938745987 takes. I can’t help it I’m so photogenic.


• gold floral headpiece: DIY •


• rings: Cythia Rybackoff & Yves Saint Laurent • necklace: kate spade •

Look how lonely the tree looks sans lights and ornaments! This is before I flitted in like a glitter fairy and bestowed all my glittery goodness on this poor, sad, sapling.

Oh! I know it’s so cliche but I honestly really do love The Kiss by Klimt. It’s opulent and covered in gold leaf – what’s not to love?! They were selling a giclée version at One King’s Lane & I couldn’t resist. In front of that is another giclée: it’s from the artist who did all the artwork for the Harry Potter books. It’s Harry and Ron in the flying car, about to get smashed by the Whomping Willow. I love the Harry Potter books and introduced Brian to them. He got this for me when we first started going out. In front of that is a Rhinoceros lithograph by Dali. I randomly bought it for Brian when we first got the apartment. He likes Dali; He LOVES Midnight in Paris. And the part where Adrien Brody keeps going on and on about the Rhino is something we like to quote and laugh about all the time because it sounds like such a caricature. So when I found this, I couldn’t pass it up and just had to buy it.


Getting my ornaments together. First of all, can we just talk about this set up? I mean, thank you, Ikea, for selling holiday decorations in such an assortment. I would give it five stars if not for the matte-finished balls. I mean, you have glitter, you have metallic, and you’re giving me MATTE? Such a waste. I’m not using them this year, of course. I’m keeping them in the box until the need to cover them in gems arise (which will probably happen sooner than later).



How much do you love this Maleficent toy by Funko? She’s so evil and cute at the same time! I couldn’t help but plant my flower headpiece on her. It makes her look regal. Also, I’m full of shit.



I love lookbooks. These are all from Moschino when I stopped by the boutique at the meatpacking. I was fawning all over the pre-resort stuff that one of the reps gave me an entire bag of lookbooks to pore over. How sweet is that?


This is our tree ever so we haven’t really collected a lot of ornaments that are “ours”. The few that we have are these: Cruella De Vil (another Disney villain – see a pattern here?), and ones that we got from Paris last year. Next year I’ll be visiting Spain and Italy so I’m hoping to find pretty ones to take home!




Oh, here’s a view of the other side of the room in case you were wondering. It’s still pretty bare but I’d rather fill the space in slowly with carefully curated items. Man, I’m really so full of it.



The foyer! I handpicked these pieces of furniture myself from the antique store. This shop in New Jersey takes old furniture (mostly french provincial) and repairs, reupholsters, & refinishes them! They’re an amazing team and work really fast. Most of my furnishings are from them – and all the colors and finishes are custom per my specifications. The prices are comparable, if not cheaper than Ikea, and because the pieces are older, the quality is better.


Below is a gilded tray and a filigree jewelry box – both vintage from a shop in Pennsylvania. Collection of Fitzgerald stories from Shakespeare and Company in Paris. & a Sherlock Holmes nutcracker – a present from a friend.




Brian’s toys. He collects toys the way I pretty much collect shiny things. This is his wall of shame.


That’s our apartment so far. I cannot believe it’s only been two months – I feel like we’ve been here for much longer! With the addition of the tree and twinkle lights, it’s like the more stuff we fill into our new space, the cozier it feels. I don’t know, maybe that’s what all hoarders say.



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