Save me from myself. Subtitled: Why am I so easily distracted?

• vintage sequin top • kate spade sunglasses necklace • c wonder kissing horses bangle •



When I got home last night, I had every intention of putting my new glue gun to good use. I didn’t know what I was making yet but I knew that I NEEDED to make something. So after dinner, I scrambled all that was left of my craft supplies (which wasn’t much) in the hopes that being surrounded by gems, jump rings, & studs would spark some kind of inspiration.

Instead, I got distracted. I found an old necklace and didn’t like it so I figured I’d deconstruct it. Realizing that a seam ripper is needed to do the job properly, I set out on a man hunt for my sewing kit which I now realize is gone. Probably accidentally thrown out with the trash during The Big Move. Well, if I didn’t have a seam ripper, how was I expected to take this necklace apart? And if this necklace wasn’t taken apart of all its gems and pearls, how am I supposed to know what I am really able to make? That settled it. No matter how much I wanted it to happen, the universe has decided that last night wasn’t a good night to craft.

I was thinking about all of this when I found a sealed, white garbage bag in one of our closets. Upon further inspection, I saw that it had my remaining bottles of perfume as well as a good amount of my Anna Dello Russo x H&M jewelry and sunglasses. I had actually forgotten about them.

I set out to make new jewelry and ended up rediscovering old ones.










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