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I don’t care for half-measures, I’m all about grand gestures.


January is always a busy month for me. The heels of the holiday madness are followed by lots of events, including my birthday and because I like to live on the idiotic wild side, I usually like to plan something ridiculously exorbitant for the event. This year, I decided to have casual drinks at Lillie’s on Saturday and then have a brunch at our apartment on Sunday afternoon, my actual birthday. (By the way, I got completely sotted at Lillie’s like an 18-year-old lush at a frat party – but that’s a story for another blog post). I took the simple brunch idea and went over-the-top with it: I decided to have a Luau party.

I went a little crazy which is not unusual; I’ve always been like this. Why do something at all if you’re only doing it half-heartedly?

I had an island-inspired menu to go with the decor. I made A LOT of food and it was all gone by the time the party was over. And you wouldn’t believe it but the Spam burgers were a hit. I’ve included the menu below too!

The coconut trees are just five “leaves” cut out of green construction paper with three brown balloons and 5 strips of crepe in the middle that’s all been all taped together & affixed to the ceiling. I had lots of leis strewn all over the furniture, as well as coconuts (brown balloons, duh) scattered on the floor. The jungle, luau, & beach wallpapers (and all the other props) are from The Village Party Store (amazing place!). We also happened to have ukelele’s and hula girls from our trip to Hawaii ages ago so we brought them out in full display. The place is so festive, we’ve decided to keep the living room like this after the party! Here are photos of the apartment in all its decorated glory:










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