Ensemble, Food

A huge tent in midtown, slushy snow, & $5 Varenykys.

For those who don’t know, I walked out of my apartment like this yesterday. Yep, when there was about 4 inches of snow on the ground and a bajillion flurries in the air, I decided to wear this. And if you can’t see it clearly, yes I wore fur and velvet. Because yolo, amirite?


By last night, all the pretty fluffy snow turned into ugly brown mush on the streets and HORRID slushy puddles on corners and intersections. A walk from Herald Square to 45th street turned into a game of ‘Guess-How-Deep-This-Puddle-Is!’ as I dodged persistent tourists to get to Kazino – the tented venue for Natasha, Pierre, & The Great Comet of 1812. The show itself was awesome and so worth the trek – but the food was another story.

Since it’s a dinner AND a show, we decided to get some drinks, and an order of Varenyky (Ukranian dumplings stuffed with sweet potato & garnished with sauteed onions) along with a tray of assorted Charcuterie which cost $20 & $28, respectively. If you’ve ever been to Veselka, you’ll know that $10.95 buys you seven delicious dumplings. So at $20, I was expecting a lot. Imagine my surprise (and horror) when the small plate came in bearing four dumplings. FOUR! How disappointing, right?

Okay, so maybe my dismay at the tiny portion was also magnified by my rumbling stomach.

Then again, maybe it just seemed a little too much to pay $5 for each sub par dumpling. ($2.50 per bite, if you want to get technical.)

Or maybe I should have had more than that Venti Blonde Roast that’s been sitting in my stomach all day.

Perhaps it was just a mix of a lot of things that got me irritated as the waiter politely set the tiny dish in front of me. I tried to get over it to be able to enjoy the show. Good thing I did because it was all remedied when I got home. I boiled 10 frozen chinese dumplings previously purchased from Lam Zhou, and remembered that I paid about $9 for a bag of 50. It all evened itself out.







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