Ladybird Books aka My Childhood in Libya. Also, look at this awesome jacket!


I’m on a mission. But first, a quick history: Ladybird Books is a London-based company that publishes children’s books. When I was in Libya, I had built up a huge collection of their stuff. I even took them with me to the Philippines when I eventually moved. I’ve been thinking about my old books recently and I finally decided to make a list of the ones I remember owning so that I can start buying them on Amazon. I mean, I love the idea of passing them on to my children one day. (By children, I mean my future French Bulldog.)

I came upon this site which lists ALL THE BOOK COVERS by series and got so excited! I can finally track them down!!! So this is my mission for the next couple of months. I want to rebuild my collection of Ladybird Books. Because if you didn’t read Ananse and the Sky God when you were little, WHAT KIND OF HEATHEN CHILDHOOD DID YOU HAVE?! I mean.






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