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I wear vintage oversized tops as dresses because yolo.

I don’t know if you guys can tell but I do a lot of YOLO-ing. I wore this the other day when I was on a date to see All The Way (yeah, that one play that the dude from Breaking Bad is in). I thought it was okay. I mean, Bryan Cranston was easy to watch as LBJ and the remainder of the cast gave a great performance but the story is just not for me. Then again, what do I know – I LOVED Peter and The Starcatcher as well as A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder so clearly, I’m a child and prefer physical comedy and puns over American history. It’s just not my cup of tea.


Speaking of cups of tea, for some reason, I found myself looking through photos on Yelp of plates from The Russian Tea Room. Isn’t that place supposed to be iconic? What happened? Why do all the dishes look so sad? The “Tea Service” looks so dismal. So so dismal. Three dismal scones, two dismal cupcakes, and two dismal truffles sitting on a dismal tier with nary a doily nor patterned china in sight. I mean, I remember the Afternoon Tea I went to at The Ritz in London and The Russian Tea Room pales in comparison. Warm scones fresh out of the oven, pretty cucumber and egg salad sandwichesdecadent sweets, & don’t forget the clotted cream & strawberry preserves. THAT’S a tea service. And now I’m hungry.

TEA copy







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