Ensemble, Food

The Carlyle, Tom Ford, & A Giant Lobster

Went out for a random dinner at The Carlyle last night. I’ve been to Bemelman’s before but this is the first time I’ve ever dined in the main restaurant. Of course, while I was trying intently to have a conversation with my boyfriend, I saw Tom Ford come out of the back room and we made eye contact while he was trying to decide on which exit to go through. *le sigh* What a beautiful man. I should have yelled out, “CONGRATULATIONS!” hahah




Carlyle’s famous Lobster Thermidor: a full lobster, taken out of its shell, cooked with mushrooms, stuffed back in the shell, topped with melty cheese, and finished off with ladles of lobster bisque on top. The enormous dish, despite resembling a prehistoric bug in a sci-fi thriller, was absolutely delicious. So were the scallops.

After wine, some dessert, & coffee, we caught a cab and got home in time to watch a Law & Order episode on Netflix. Ahhh it’s the little things.






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