Ensemble, Food

New Sunnies, Churros, & a failed trip to Dough Loco.

This weekend, as Le Boyfriend & I were driving from Brooklyn, he looks up at me and says in a really somber voice, “You know what? …I could really go for some donuts.”

Of course, I’ve been saving a cheat day to finally pay Dough Loco a visit – this donut shop in East Harlem which serves up Miso Glazed donuts. MISO GLAZED?! Miso intrigued.

It was 5 o’clock and the place closes at 7 – we rushed from Brooklyn, and through Manhattan only to get there and find a sad sign on the door. Apparently, their donuts sold out and they had no other choice but to close the shop at 6. WHAT KIND OF HEATHEN ESTABLISHMENT IS THIS?! Luckily, I found Le Churro nearby through Yelp so my cheat day wasn’t wasted after all.


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