Ensemble, Food, Travel

Santa Maria de Montserrat, Cava at the Codorníu Winery, & a mountain of paella at La Barceloneta

A foggy, mountainside excursion to see the Virgin of Montserrat followed by a tour of the Codorníu Winery. The trip took all day and it was early evening by the time we got back to our hotel room in L’Eixample. Afterwards, we trekked all the way to La Barceloneta to gorge on seafood paella.

Saw the Black Madonna in a mountain in the morning, sipped on cava in a wine cellar in the mid afternoon, and had fresh seafood by the beach for dinner. Not a bad day, right?

“You kids are allowed to buy those?! How old are you guys!?”

“We’re from France… we’re on a field trip.”

Bread rubbed with tomato… one of the best things ever. EVER.

(This is a pic of me pretending that there’s no way I can finish all this paella… Lezbianest, I have the appetite of a 300 lb gorilla.)



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