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Sockeye Salmon with Dill & Lemon.

I usually base my week’s dinner menu on what’s in season. I mean, it only makes sense.

If it’s in season, it’s in abundance; if it’s in abundance, it’s usually cheaper; if it’s cheaper, I’m happier.

I love Fresh Direct because they have Seasonal Sales (dubbed President’s Picks). A couple of weeks ago, their Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon was on sale so of course, I picked up a couple of fillets. I mean, look at it! How can you resist that bright red hue?!

Recipe after the jump.

Steamed Sockeye Salmon with Dill & Lemon

2 8-10 oz Sockeye Salmon fillets

2 lemons, sliced crosswise

1 bunch of dill

2 tablespoons of grape seed oil

salt to taste

Put a pan over medium high heat. Pour in the oil, then add a layer of lemon slices (enough to cover the bottom of the pan). Place the salmon fillets skin side down, season with salt, top with dill, and even more lemons. Cover, & let steam for 8-10 minutes or until cooked through. Enjoy!



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