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Sunflowers & Thrifting Steals.

This past weekend, le boyfriend bought me a bouquet of sunflowers. Now, I know this is going to come as a surprise but

1- I don’t have a favorite flower (I don’t have a lot of favorite anything.)

2-  I don’t know how to properly arrange flowers. In fact, I suck at it.

I tried to cut the stems short to try and fit them in a round fishbowl but it just wasn’t working out. I felt horrible about ruining them so instead of sticking all of them in one vase, I took a whole bunch of my Double Old-Fashioned glasses and stuck one giant sunflower in each. I then spread them around the entire apartment. They look so cheery!

Two days ago was National Thrift Shop Day. To honor it, I’ve also posted photos of my two most recent buys, both from separate occasions.

The brass and glass table above is one of my steals from a thrift store we stumbled into in Pennsylvania on our way back from Wizard Con. You wouldn’t believe it – as I was paying for my stuff, I saw the table behind the counter with stacks of paperwork, a microwave, a radio, and some store security alarm set-up. When I inquired about it, the guy said that they have had the table for months and nobody picked it up so he decided to use it for his office. THE HORROR!

Me: “How much is the table?”

Guy: “$20.”

I almost fainted. I asked him politely if he didn’t mind moving his stuff elsewhere so that I could take the little baby home. Politely.

How adorable is this vintage library lamp? When we went blueberry picking a couple of weeks ago, we stopped by one of the many vintage stores on the strip and I found this baby for $10. Pennsylvania is the best when it comes to vintage shopping!

Now, I’ll end this post properly with these Macklemore gifs.



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