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Philippe Parreno: H(N)YPN(Y)OSIS

If you’re looking for something to do on a humid Friday night, consider the Philippe Parreno installation at the Park Avenue Armory.

The show just opened on June 10th & I dragged Brian into it this past Friday for post work libations with a side of art appreciation.

I didn’t read too much about the installation itself so I didn’t have any expectations & I’m glad that I made the conscious decision not to.

The entire show consisted of a combination of marquee lights which went off and on in tandem with background music as well as five accompanying short films shown throughout a two-hour period. I suggest seeing the films first before reading the about its context, it’s a lot more fun that way.

It’s a really ambitious installation and the entire experience felt like I was in this perpetual state of anticipation. You know the first couple of minutes in a movie, during the opening credits where the film makers are showing the viewers bits and pieces of what’s to come? That’s what it felt like for me. As if at any moment, something is about to unfold.

The whole thing felt like an audio/visual extravaganza. Partly eerie and at times a bit jarring, it unfolded like tense scenes out of a classic psychological thriller. It made a lasting impression and I think it’s definitely a must see. Just a reminder to take your time, explore the vast space, wait patiently for the accompanying short films, and grab a drink at the bar down the lobby, and enjoy.

I thought it was $15 & a Friday night well spent.



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