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Last weekend, Brian was scrolling through his Instagram feed when all of a sudden, he jolted and showed me a post: Mr Brainwash snapped a photo of his show’s soft opening! On a whim, we left the cozy confines of our apartment to check out the exhibit in Chelsea.

Let’s be honest. Mr. Brainwash is no Michelangelo or da Vinci. It’s like hotel art- easily digestible, insanely relatable. But at the same time, maybe that’s what we need (or deserve) right now. In a world of constantly updating news feeds, 15 second video clips, & where visual information is processed at a faster rate, maybe this is what connects and resonates with us. I guess one could say that the time for Vatican-commisioned artwork filled with subtle religious symbolism is over and spoon-fed pop art is now the easiest way to get to the people. I mean, when Michaelangelo was commissioned to sculpt the pieta, the whole purpose was to move the masses into turning to religion, right? You have a huge population who can’t read nor write so visual artistry was definitely the best medium to sway them. Right now, you have people who CAN read and write but there’s so much information flying around everywhere that the best way to get to the masses is not through subtleties but through lasting impressions.

I mean, I have mixed feelings about street art in general. While there are a number of artists who are really talented, there are also a lot of groupies who are swimming in their wake. I kid you not, I stumbled onto this one guy’s page whose idea of creativity is taking a familiar object (like a gummy bear) and putting a pixelate filter on top. That insults me to my core. But then I go to Bushwick and see the murals and I’m astounded at the artists who are brave and trusting enough to channel their talents into something that isn’t permanent. Like I said, love-hate.

In terms of Mr. Brainwash, I don’t think he’s the most talented artist of the lot but he’s definitely a shrewd businessman with a flair for showmanship. And that I can definitely appreciate.



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