The Wedding Party

Quick recap: on a balmy Tuesday night in May, in my hometown of Davao, Philippines, surrounded by my family, Brian got down on one knee and proposed to me after being together for 11 years. Of course, I said yes!

Fast forward: this past Sunday, Brian and I hosted a small gathering of our close friends at the Golden Unicorn to ‘officially’ ask them to be in our Wedding Party. And of course, as a gesture of appreciation (& bribery), we prepared little gifs for them to take home. It was so much fun to put together, I swear that was the most exciting part for me – waiting for them to open their bags! Click through for photos!


For The Bridesmaids:

Everyone got a black giftbag with gold bows! I put in a note about their bridesmaid dresses, a pair of pearl earrings, Stila cosmetics, little rollerballs of Tocca perfume, a bottle of St Germain (my favorite), & of course, some Ferrero Rocher! Everyone also got a card with a short, personalized note.

For The Groomsmen:

Liquor Bottles & Cigars!

Right now I’m having such a blast with planning and doing these little things that I won’t mind a long engagement!



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