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U-be Trippin’ at New Territories

Have you ever heard of Ube? It’s a purple yam and it’s in abundance in the Philippines.

If you grew up in the Philippines, you’ll know that this purple starch is a really common flavor in Filipino cuisine. Ube is as ubiquitous in the Philippines the same way sweet potato is here in the US. And it comes in lots of forms: ice cream, cake, pastry toppings – but my ultimate fave is Ube Halaya. It’s this sweet, sticky, purple jam that you can slather on crackers, top your halo-halo with, or the best way, which is to eat it by the spoonfuls. IT’S SAH GAHD.

It’s one of those things that were so common growing up and then you move somewhere it’s a rarity and so you don’t realize how awesome it really is. Which is why I had to go to New Territories in Chinatown – an ice cream spot where they serve your frozen treats with a bubble waffle filled with Ube. Not going to lie, I wish the waffle was filled with more but beggars can’t be choosers! More photos after the jump!


IMG_9644  BRI_0775

IMG_4235 BRI_0776







Afterwards, Brian and I wandered the streets of Chinatown. After a couple of blocks, I saw some Mr. Brainwash sculptures inside this space so of course, I just HAD to go in. Wandering into the open space, a guy looked up at me and said, “Are you looking for Mr. Purple?” I said, “Yes… (?)” to which he responded, “ID’s, please. Take the elevator, 15th floor.” LOLOL we took the elevator and accidentally found a rooftop bar.



BRI_0771 IMG_4233







New Territories | 190 Orchard NY NY 10002

Mr. Purple | 180 Orchard NY NY 10002



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