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Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

Brian and I were near the Meatpacking District, I was getting hangry, and subsequently had this insane craving for a big, fat, juicy burger. We headed towards Black Tap and as we were walking, I saw this long line on the block. Naturally, I assumed it was a line for a show. Of course, I realized too late that these people in line are actually there for the burgers as well.

Mid-Panic, I asked Brian to buy us tacos from the truck across the street (LOL) while I waited in line for a table. The line was almost half a block and we were told that the wait was going to be 40 minutes. 40 MINUTES! 10 minutes in, Brian came back with two pork tacos and after scarfing them down, we both agreed to wait another 5, after that we were going for a slice. Not even two seconds later, the hostess came in and said they had bar seating for two! PERFECT. Click through to continue reading!




The shakes are really good but the burgers are actually what I would come back for. A classic bacon cheeseburger with fries and a side of onion rings – WOOF so good. I dipped those fries in the shake, dipped the rings in the secret sauce, wolfed down that burger and I left with no regrets. NO RAGRATS BRAH!






Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer | 248 W 14th, NY NY 10011



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