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Meredith James: Land Lock, Club Sandwiches, & Why I Use Fresh Direct.


Thought it was apropos to wear my Miss Marc flats to the Meredith James Exhibit. In other news, one lazy Sunday morning, as I was flipping through the channels, I came upon The Pioneer Woman’s show on The Food Network. I always loved her food blog – for some crazy reason, every time I Google a recipe, hers is always at the top of the search results! She happened to be making club sandwiches that day on her show and I thought, “Do people really need a recipe for this?!” I mean, I get it – the mayo has pesto and her chips are home made but still, it’s a sandwich. That’s like if I had a cooking show and I shared my recipe for nachos. Do people really not know how to make nachos? Don’t answer that.

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