It’s Tax Refund Season!

I might have mentioned it on my Instagram that this is the first year that I’ve gotten a tax refund since I graduated college & started working. Truest thing in the world. I think I was filling out my forms incorrectly so I always ended up owing money.

So what did I do with the refund, you ask? Did I raid the nearby Kate Spade store? Nope. Did I splurge at Berdorfs? Definitely not. Did I buy a new iMac? I WISH. I didn’t do any of that. I was too excited to pay my bills! The sad part is, I’m being serious when I say I was REALLY excited. So excited in fact, that I OVERPAID MY BILLS and almost cleaned out my whole checking account. I had to transfer from my savings so I wouldn’t get charged for being under the minimum. *le sigh*

I feel like an adult.


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