Tourists In New York

Recently, a high school classmate came to visit New York City. She’s been living in Europe and this was her first time in Manhattan. Days later, I saw posts on Facebook that a distant cousin was also visiting New York for the first time. She works for an airline company and has seen pretty much the world all over. When I saw their posts on Facebook, all showing the usual spots that are quintessentially New York City in any film setting, I noticed one thing in common: their excitement to be here.

And a sad realization dawned on me: how come I don’t share the same enthusiasm? Why can’t I be like that? Now that I think about it, I don’t remember the last time I was that excited to be in New York. Is it because I live here now? Continue reading

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I wear vintage oversized tops as dresses because yolo.

I don’t know if you guys can tell but I do a lot of YOLO-ing. I wore this the other day when I was on a date to see All The Way (yeah, that one play that the dude from Breaking Bad is in). I thought it was okay. I mean, Bryan Cranston was easy to watch as LBJ and the remainder of the cast gave a great performance but the story is just not for me. Then again, what do I know – I LOVED Peter and The Starcatcher as well as A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder so clearly, I’m a child and prefer physical comedy and puns over American history. It’s just not my cup of tea.


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All The Way, John Cusack, & Cheese Porn.

I forgot to tell you guys how awesome The Grand Budapest Hotel was. I enjoyed it so much, I’m probably going to go watch it again.

In other news, I’m going to see All The Way tonight. Hope Bryan Cranston doesn’t disappoint as LBJ even though my knowledge about the former president is pretty comparable to what I know about professional football. (Elementary at best). Still, if the pace is as riveting as House of Cards, I won’t mind a refresher course in American History.


In other other news, I was wearing this outfit last week when I was out having drinks at The Ace Hotel. In the lobby on my way out, I accidentally dropped my stuff on the floor. As I was huffing and puffing while picking up my stuff, I glaced up to see John Cusack staring at me. Oh, New York. Your sense of humor kills me. Continue reading