The Bagel Nook

I’m not really a bagel person. I like it but it’s just not my go-to breakfast item. To be honest, there are a handful of items on a breakfast menu that I would order first before settling into a bagel (avocado toast, eggs benedict, sausage-egg-and-cheese on a kaiser roll, french toast with a side of extra crispy bacon, THE LIST IS ENDLESS!)

So when I found myself hungry somewhere deep in New Jersey with Brian, I found us The Bagel Nook. I remember putting it in my list of food places to try because of their Flaming Hot Cheeto bagels. (yes, you read that correctly)

Obviously, I had to try it. With Cool Ranch cream cheese. Brian got the Cinnamon Toast Crunch bagel with Crumb Cake cream cheese. Click through for more photos!




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