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One of my favorite things to do on the weekends is hunting down awesome street art all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, and sometimes New Jersey. After a failed attempt at brunch, we salvaged the day by going on a self-guided mini tour of our favorite spots. Click through for photos!




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Pretty In Pink, Holi, & Doughnuts!

So this weekend has been pretty eventful.

Dressed up as Molly Ringwald circa-Pretty in Pink for an awesome 80’s-themed birthday party last Friday night, went to a Holi celebration in Brooklyn on Saturday, and got to try the doughnuts at Dough Loco on Sunday. You know Summer is on the horizon when people in your life start coming out of their caves & waking up from hibernation.

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Brooklyn and Tweed

Multicolored tweed jacket over hooded, hot-pink slicker over cream lace. Worn with a micro pleated pink skirt. Because you can never have too much pink, obviously.

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