Bourbon Caramel Croissant Pudding

This past weekend, I had a Netflix & Nosh party at my place. I wanted to have a super relaxed, gathering with strong coffee, brunch fare, & pretty desserts. (Isn’t the invite so cute? Thank god for the internet.)

After sending out the invites, everyone offered to bring an assortment of dishes – something that we all typically do for any get-together. Sadly, my girlfriends are all completely nuts about potlucks – so nuts that by the time all the guests were in attendance, THERE WAS AN ABUNDANCE OF FOOD. And I’m talking enough food to last a week! At the end of the party, I packed everyone leftovers, packed some more for a homeless guy that I see on 34th every day, and packed a little bit for Brian to have. After all that packing, my kitchen countertop was again back to its bare, sad, empty existence. Or so I thought. Later that night, I noticed a medium, white paper bag sitting in a corner by the fridge. I opened it and lo and behold – FIVE FLUFFY, FLAKY, BUTTER CROISSANTS GONE ROGUE. How annoying, I thought. I mean, I can’t eat this stuff during the week – these ungodly little pastries are only allowed in my existence on weekends! I can’t have them in the house but I can’t bear to throw them away either. So I decided to make something out of them & bring it to work. HA!

That’s where Nigella Lawson’s croissant bread pudding came in. It made perfect sense. Pudding came about BECAUSE of leftover bread! And what’s an easier baked good than bread pudding? So I doubled the recipe, added an extra egg for extra custard-ness (?), & splashed it with more bourbon than I care to admit. The result is this delicious, flaky, creamy, BOOZY goodness. Scroll down for the full recipe!

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cake, cake, cake, cake

Ever had a party and a day later, you realize that people brought you more cake than your cheat day allows? I did! And I knew exactly what to do with that rogue piece of pastry: GRIDDLE IT! Everything is better with a caramely crust. Here’s what searing does:

The browning creates desirable flavors through caramelization and the Maillard reaction.

The appearance of the food is usually improved with a well-browned crust.

The contrast in taste and texture between the crust and the interior makes the food more interesting to the palate.

 So I took my cake, sloughed off most of the icing and put it all on a hot griddle until the inside is warm & the outside is gooey & crusty. It’s like cake french toast but you can definitely forgo the butter & syrup. SO FREAKING DELICIOUS.