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Date Night in Chinatown

I love Chinatown. It’s bustling and so full of life – you step out of a candy store, cross the street to find yourself in front of Durian fruit then round the corner and step into a vendor’s fish stall. It’s really incredible.

Brian and I found ourselves downtown and hungry – and seeing as Joe’s Shanghai had a wait list about a mile long, we rounded the corner on Doyle and opted for Nom Wah Tea Parlor instead. Nom Wah has been around since the 1920’s and they consistently have delicious dim sum. We ordered salt & pepper shrimp (FAVE), pork buns, crystal shrimp dumplings, XLB’s (soup dumplings), and the shrimp dumplings with snow pea leaf. So good!

Afterwards, we HAD to stop by Eggloo for some ice cream in a bubble waffle cone. I mean, obviously. Click through for more pics!




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Ice & Vice

This past weekend was the perfect day for ice cream. Stopped by Ice & Vice and got a scoop of the Pickles of the Caribbean (rum, coconut, & pickled pineapple jam) on top of a scoop of 9AM (vietnamese coffee & donut truffle) all on a Chai-spiced dark chocolate cone. SO GOOD!!! Click through for more photos!




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U-be Trippin’ at New Territories

Have you ever heard of Ube? It’s a purple yam and it’s in abundance in the Philippines.

If you grew up in the Philippines, you’ll know that this purple starch is a really common flavor in Filipino cuisine. Ube is as ubiquitous in the Philippines the same way sweet potato is here in the US. And it comes in lots of forms: ice cream, cake, pastry toppings – but my ultimate fave is Ube Halaya. It’s this sweet, sticky, purple jam that you can slather on crackers, top your halo-halo with, or the best way, which is to eat it by the spoonfuls. IT’S SAH GAHD.

It’s one of those things that were so common growing up and then you move somewhere it’s a rarity and so you don’t realize how awesome it really is. Which is why I had to go to New Territories in Chinatown – an ice cream spot where they serve your frozen treats with a bubble waffle filled with Ube. Not going to lie, I wish the waffle was filled with more but beggars can’t be choosers! More photos after the jump!


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Cafe Henrie

I’ve been wanting to go to Cafe Henrie for a while now – I love a good avocado toast! So yesterday, Brian and I took a drive down to Forsyth and waited 5 minutes for a seat at one of their pink tables. Ugh, that Acai bowl was just what I needed after a spirited wine night with girlfriends!




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Meredith James: Land Lock, Club Sandwiches, & Why I Use Fresh Direct.


Thought it was apropos to wear my Miss Marc flats to the Meredith James Exhibit. In other news, one lazy Sunday morning, as I was flipping through the channels, I came upon The Pioneer Woman’s show on The Food Network. I always loved her food blog – for some crazy reason, every time I Google a recipe, hers is always at the top of the search results! She happened to be making club sandwiches that day on her show and I thought, “Do people really need a recipe for this?!” I mean, I get it – the mayo has pesto and her chips are home made but still, it’s a sandwich. That’s like if I had a cooking show and I shared my recipe for nachos. Do people really not know how to make nachos? Don’t answer that.

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