Bleeding Heart Baby

Hey, remember when it was only mildly cold on Sunday?

Yeah, neither do I.

Kate Spade bag / Anthropologie top / Forever 21 skirt & thigh highs

COS cropped jacket / Moschino phone case / Converse sneakers

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Yankees x Red Sox Edition

“I decided to wear sneakers, something blue, and denim for the occasion.”

“Yeah but you’re not wearing denim pants nor Yankee blue. Also, you’re wearing black Converse. This doesn’t count.”

Prettttty close if you ask me. Jeter would approve. Ok, probably not.






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Leinenkugel’s, Sprinkles, & Easter Bread!

Have you guys ever been to Total Wine? It’s in New Jersey and it’s amazing. They have a huge selection of liquor, wine, & craft beer! Stopped by to restock Brian’s Leinenkugel Summer Shandy stash and it took a lot of discipline to NOT buy crates of Vouvray. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend paying them a visit.

Visited a friend of mine who just bought a house in upstate New York. She made this cake and the Easter Bread below. So delicious. I don’t bake because I hate anything that has to do with measurements and precision (also why I don’t sew but that’s a whole other discussion.) Also, my pantry isn’t stocked with any baking staples because I threw everything out when I switched to organic and I haven’t gotten the chance to hoard. Not that I need to anyway, I try to avoid sweets like nobody’s business.

Anyway, she packed some leftover bread for me to take home so I reheated them on the griddle & served them with caramelized bananas! All of that with a hot cup of coffee for Sunday’s breakfast and I was ready to tackle the day.



Brooklyn and Tweed

Multicolored tweed jacket over hooded, hot-pink slicker over cream lace. Worn with a micro pleated pink skirt. Because you can never have too much pink, obviously.

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