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Yayoi Kusama: Give Me Love

This past weekend, we visited David Zwirner in Chelsea and stood in line under the sweltering afternoon heat to experience the Obliteration Room. Half an hour later, we were handed a page with polka dot stickers in varying colors and a polite reminder to limit our visit to 5 minutes.

Here’s some photos of us trying to be blend and be obliterated into the spherical madness.

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“Art” is an odious word. Hashtag: I’d rather not be spoon-fed.

• H&M dress & mouse headband • kate spade bag • vince camuto knee-high boots • vintage lurex & lace jacket •


When you look at a painting/sculpture/installation, do you look up the artist’s intent on Wikipedia? Do you look up their background and what they’ve done in the past? Do you try to see it from their point of view?

Or do you just look at it without reading about it; devoid of  context? Do you view the piece of work just as it is? Continue reading