The Heartbreak Kid

Found these Shawn Michaels sunglasses & I have to say they were worth the 15 minutes I spent inside a Rainbow store.

Also I finally retired my old motorcycle jacket and replaced it with this one from Rebecca Minkoff. It’s soft & buttery & amazingly cozy.



Tom and Jerry.

Cat print on my neck, cat print on my waist, cat print on my bag.

And mouse flats. Naturally.

Kate Spade bag / Marc Jacobs mouse flats / H&M skater dress / Anthropologie, Pamela Love, & vintage rings

Click through for my Hairspiration.

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Sacre bleu, what is this? How on earth could I miss such a sweet little succulent crab!

Now that it’s slightly warmer, soft-shell crabs are in season (YAY!) Now, if you’re unfamiliar, soft-shell crab isn’t a specific type of crab but an actual stage of a crab’s life if that even makes sense. It’s the time after the crab sheds it’s old shell to reveal a softer one that’s yet to be hardened. Luckily for me (and sadly for the crab), this means that I can pretty much nosh on the whole thing. Scroll down for my fave recipe that I used last night to prepare dinner!


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The Grand Budapest Hotel & Tortaria

New York is doing this really cute thing where it’s super nice and springy one day and then being in an arctic chill the next. My wardrobe is confused and so am I.

If we’re friends on social media, you’ll know that I’ve been mentioning it all week but I’m so so SO excited to see The Grand Budapest Hotel tonight! I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan; he’s one of my favorite film makers (because of his AMAZING film sets/props/costumes, the color schemes, and his awesome camera angles). Can you imagine being a part of any of his productions? UGH I’d love to live in one of his movies. Maybe I’ll have a Wes Anderson-themed party instead. If you’re not familiar, here’s a really cool video! (Although it hardly does his work justice.)

I’m seeing it at Union Square but not until after dinner at Tortaria – another one of my faves! Their tacquitos & grilled corn? YUM.

I’m just hoping that nothing bad happens – the last time I went on a dinner+movie date, I slipped, lost my memory for about half an hour and got rushed to the emergency room. Best date ever! Crossing my fingers that my brain is intact by the time I get home because I’m pretty sure that Budapest Hotel is something I’m going to want to remember.

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Rising and Grinding with Swag. YOLO.

New York City is on edge today – probably because it’s the first day of Superbowl Boulevard on Broadway, the all-things-football event and celebration from 34th-47th street. The streets are littered with NYPD police officers and my office building, which happens to be the Empire State, is surrounded on all sides with police cars.

I personally find it reassuring when I’m surrounded by cops. I know a lot of people who would disagree.

Anyway, clearly you won’t find me in the melee that has anything to do with celebrations or football. Because I’m rising and grinding like a thug dripping swag because yolo, amirite? Here’s the evidence:

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