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The Good Sort

There are handfuls of the Starbucks Unicorn Latte photos circulating on my timelinesĀ and it reminded me of this drink I got over the weekend which is the complete antithesis. Don’t get me wrong, I love sugar on cheat days! But I just can’t believe how delicious this Superfood Rainbow Latte was from The Good Sort – this cute vegan cafe in Chinatown.

The Rainbow Latte isn’t actually a latte because it does NOT have espresso. It doesn’t have any artificial food coloring – the colors are from beet juice, turmeric, and blue algae. It tastes more like a coconut milk-based spiced tea – it’s so good! Ordered it with a hefty slice of Avocado Toast because I could never say no to avocado toast. Click through for pics!



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Cafe Henrie

I’ve been wanting to go to Cafe Henrie for a while now – I love a good avocado toast! So yesterday, Brian and I took a drive down to Forsyth and waited 5 minutes for a seat at one of their pink tables. Ugh, that Acai bowl was just what I needed after a spirited wine night with girlfriends!




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Wes Anderson Art Show

Hypebeasts. I’ve heard of the term thrown around but only when anything Supreme, Kanye West, or Jordans are involved. A whole fandom whose admiration for something stems from its popularity. I guess you could say that I’m lucky in a sense that a lot of things I love and admire have been pretty untouched by the dreaded mindless minions. Until now, at least.

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Life is Beautiful

Last weekend, Brian was scrolling through his Instagram feed when all of a sudden, he jolted and showed me a post: Mr Brainwash snapped a photo of his show’s soft opening! On a whim, we left the cozy confines of our apartment to check out the exhibit in Chelsea.

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Tourists In New York

Recently, a high school classmate came to visit New York City. She’s been living in Europe and this was her first time in Manhattan. Days later, I saw posts on Facebook that a distant cousin was also visiting New York for the first time. She works for an airline company and has seen pretty much the world all over. When I saw their posts on Facebook, all showing the usual spots that are quintessentially New York City in any film setting, I noticed one thing in common: their excitement to be here.

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