Bleeding Heart Baby

Hey, remember when it was only mildly cold on Sunday?

Yeah, neither do I.

Kate Spade bag / Anthropologie top / Forever 21 skirt & thigh highs

COS cropped jacket / Moschino phone case / Converse sneakers

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The Mean Reds, Mac Conner, & American Food Porn.

This weekend was super chill but eventful. My Saturday consisted of a trip to the Museum of the City of New York for the Mac Conner exhibit, burgers and fries at The Fireplace, and a visit with my mom and sis. Click through for more photos of the exhibit and some major food porn Americana-style!

Illustration for “All the Good Guys Died” by Frederic Wakeman “Behind him, bar sounds rose and fell. A girl said, ‘No one dies till his time comes. That I know.'”

Cheeseburgers. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Philly Cheesesteak. Cajun Fries and Onion Rings. Pickles, Texas and Cheese sauces on the side. What diet?

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New Sunnies, Churros, & a failed trip to Dough Loco.

This weekend, as Le Boyfriend & I were driving from Brooklyn, he looks up at me and says in a really somber voice, “You know what? …I could really go for some donuts.”

Of course, I’ve been saving a cheat day to finally pay Dough Loco a visit – this donut shop in East Harlem which serves up Miso Glazed donuts. MISO GLAZED?! Miso intrigued.

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Home Decor

That one time I Coveteur’d myself.

If you’ve ever seen Along Came Polly, you’ll know that me Coveteur-ing myself is akin to Phillip Seymour-Hoffman’s character hiring a camera crew to do an E! True Hollywood Story on himself. You know what they say, if want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. I’m sure that saying counts for Coveteur features.

I love furnishing for the holidays. The smell of the tree, the twinkle lights, all the shiny things! Of course, when it comes to decorating, I’m more or a purist: I limit myself to white lights, gold and silver ornaments, & absolutely no colors because it clashes with my decor. So anyway, I figured I’d share photos of the new apartment in all its festive glory.

All furniture are furnished by Handpainted By Cookie.

Also, below is an amazing photo that took about 938745987 takes. I can’t help it I’m so photogenic.


• gold floral headpiece: DIY •

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