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In Defense of Foie Gras.

Since news broke out about Foie Gras being back on the menu in California, my whole newsfeed has been bombarded with opinions about it from both ends.

‘Yay! Foie Gras! I’m a ‘foodie’, feed me!’

‘No! Foie Gras! Gross and barbaric, don’t support it!’

Let me preface this by saying the following:

If you’re a vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan, this post isn’t for you.

If you own a farm, grow your own vegetables, keep your animals happy, give them their last rites before the butchering, this post isn’t for you.

If you primarily shop and consume organically and humanely raised meat, this post isn’t directed at you.

If you’re like the majority of America who eats fast food, orders take-out, goes out to dinner, shops at major grocery┬ástores and consumes conventionally-raised meat, and chose to share THIS POST (“If you eat foie gras, you’re an asshole”), continue reading because this is for you.

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