Tourists In New York

Recently, a high school classmate came to visit New York City. She’s been living in Europe and this was her first time in Manhattan. Days later, I saw posts on Facebook that a distant cousin was also visiting New York for the first time. She works for an airline company and has seen pretty much the world all over. When I saw their posts on Facebook, all showing the usual spots that are quintessentially New York City in any film setting, I noticed one thing in common: their excitement to be here.

And a sad realization dawned on me: how come I don’t share the same enthusiasm? Why can’t I be like that? Now that I think about it, I don’t remember the last time I was that excited to be in New York. Is it because I live here now? Continue reading

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Tex Mex Mondays?

When the first photo was taken, some woman rushing to Penn Station scoffed at me because I was acting like a noob. What can I say, I’m an intrepid tourist in my own city.

Also, last night I made delicious nachos out of leftovers. You don’t really need a recipe for nachos but scroll below if you want to see some melty cheese porn.

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