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A Walk in the Gothic Quarter, a Glass of Cava with Lunch, and Casa Mila Behind Closed Doors

The reason why it takes so long for me to put up photos is because I take so many that I have to edit them down to a manageable amount. I get snap crazy especially when I’m out of the country that I LITERALLY have OVER 1,000 images to pore through. Actually, I think I took over 700 photos one day in Barcelona (Dali’s house and museum – but can you blame me?)

Anyway, here’s a photo diary of our morning walk through the Gothic Quarter. Funny story about our tours: we took so many different ones but for some reason, they all overlap within this area. Our Tapas tour, the Best of Barcelona tour, even the Modernism tour, all somehow walked through a part of the Gothic Quarter. Crazily enough, we never saw the same street twice because there are so many little streets and they’re easy to miss if you’re not paying attention! Another funny story: I almost didn’t get into the the Barcelona Cathedral because my dress was too short (obvs) and our tour guide was kind enough to lend me her scarf. I’ll try to remember my hemlines when I go to The Vatican.

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