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Donald Robertson x Story!

After work, Brian and I trekked to the west side to check out Donald Robertson’s take over of Story, this really cool boutique/gallery hybrid in Chelsea. If you have time this week, you should definitely check it out – the place was wall to wall Donald. Not only did his artwork fully occupy the space but Donald himself was also there to sign his book, Mitford at the Fashion Zoo! I love his work – it’s so fun and tongue-in-cheek. I think that he has tapped this perfect formula of being honest with his work as an artist and at the same time, still gain popularity on social media. And he looks like he has so much fun doing it! The space had everything of his from pins, iron-on embroideries, his book Mitford at the Fashion Zoo, to phone cases, sunglasses, t-shirts, and original work by the artist himself.

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Wes Anderson Art Show

Hypebeasts. I’ve heard of the term thrown around but only when anything Supreme, Kanye West, or Jordans are involved. A whole fandom whose admiration for something stems from its popularity. I guess you could say that I’m lucky in a sense that a lot of things I love and admire have been pretty untouched by the dreaded mindless minions. Until now, at least.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel & Tortaria

New York is doing this really cute thing where it’s super nice and springy one day and then being in an arctic chill the next. My wardrobe is confused and so am I.

If we’re friends on social media, you’ll know that I’ve been mentioning it all week but I’m so so SO excited to see The Grand Budapest Hotel tonight! I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan; he’s one of my favorite film makers (because of his AMAZING film sets/props/costumes, the color schemes, and his awesome camera angles). Can you imagine being a part of any of his productions? UGH I’d love to live in one of his movies. Maybe I’ll have a Wes Anderson-themed party instead. If you’re not familiar, here’s a really cool video! (Although it hardly does his work justice.)

I’m seeing it at Union Square but not until after dinner at Tortaria – another one of my faves! Their tacquitos & grilled corn? YUM.

I’m just hoping that nothing bad happens – the last time I went on a dinner+movie date, I slipped, lost my memory for about half an hour and got rushed to the emergency room. Best date ever! Crossing my fingers that my brain is intact by the time I get home because I’m pretty sure that Budapest Hotel is something I’m going to want to remember.

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