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New Sunnies, Churros, & a failed trip to Dough Loco.

This weekend, as Le Boyfriend & I were driving from Brooklyn, he looks up at me and says in a really somber voice, “You know what? …I could really go for some donuts.”

Of course, I’ve been saving a cheat day to finally pay Dough Loco a visit – this donut shop in East Harlem which serves up Miso Glazed donuts. MISO GLAZED?! Miso intrigued.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel & Tortaria

New York is doing this really cute thing where it’s super nice and springy one day and then being in an arctic chill the next. My wardrobe is confused and so am I.

If we’re friends on social media, you’ll know that I’ve been mentioning it all week but I’m so so SO excited to see The Grand Budapest Hotel tonight! I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan; he’s one of my favorite film makers (because of his AMAZING film sets/props/costumes, the color schemes, and his awesome camera angles). Can you imagine being a part of any of his productions? UGH I’d love to live in one of his movies. Maybe I’ll have a Wes Anderson-themed party instead. If you’re not familiar, here’s a really cool video! (Although it hardly does his work justice.)

I’m seeing it at Union Square but not until after dinner at Tortaria – another one of my faves! Their tacquitos & grilled corn? YUM.

I’m just hoping that nothing bad happens – the last time I went on a dinner+movie date, I slipped, lost my memory for about half an hour and got rushed to the emergency room. Best date ever! Crossing my fingers that my brain is intact by the time I get home because I’m pretty sure that Budapest Hotel is something I’m going to want to remember.

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My wardrobe is tame in the winter time.

I’m pretty sure that anybody who lives in the east coast has either uttered and/or heard this phrase at least once a day these past weeks: I’M SO SICK OF THIS WINTER.

I’ve personally been saying it as a sort of mantra every time I open my wardrobe to pick out something to wear. Which is probably why I’ve been in this rut of all black errthang, errday.

So here’s a pop of color by way of photo editing.

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What snow?

A friend of mine from the Philippines (who currently lives in Malaysia) recently got a hold of the Kate Spade All Typed Up Clyde bag after searching online endlessly for months. Which got me thinking – when was the last time I wore mine? I decided to whip the baby out last week, snow and sleet be damned!

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Fair warning: I’m about to sound preachy. Like a hermit, doling out sage advice regardless of whether you want to hear it or not.

I’m currently going through a lot of changes in my life. Changes, for a creature of habit like myself, are pretty scary. It’s like I’ve been sitting comfortably on this couch while there’s a Golden Girls marathon on the Hallmark Channel and you’re asking me to move to another apartment? You’re insane. Comfort is key. Unfortunately, comfort also makes a person stagnant. I had to make a conscious decision to accept change – because I have two options: I can either go through this kicking, screaming, and being dragged by my hair. Or I could accept it and move on. I choose to accept it. Because¬†I like my hair.

Right now, I’m outside of my comfort zone. I’m being challenged which means I’m learning. And if I’m learning, that means I’m growing. And as much as I love me some Golden Girls, I’d rather grow first.

/ Kate Spade necklace & pyramid stud bangle / Banana Republic dress / Badgley Mischka crossbody bag / Gucci Watch¬†/ Saint Laurent Paris Arty Ova;e ring / door-knocker earrings from Ricky’s / Vince Camuto suede boots / Cynthia Rybackoff plain brass rings

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